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Small groups are essential to the success of a Christ-centered church.  Our church adopted the goal of “Making and Growing Disciples”.  We believe Christ has mandated this approach.  Relationships with others within the church are critical to achieving this goal. When the members of the church are able to establish relationships with each other they are on their way to being better disciples. Small groups are THE way to assist members forming relationships.   

Our small groups function in the hour before our worship services. The organization is a hybrid in that two styles of organization are utilized.  Our older adults function in a traditional Department and Class arrangement.  But we also incorporate Church Life groups, which are stand-alone classes – meaning they are not part of a department.  Regardless of which organization style, both focus on the following principles. 

“The Sunday School is the church, organized, to do the work of the church”.  

This speaks to how we approach a lot of the ministry and outreach projects we do. Our church- wide goals are achieved working through the departments, classes and life groups. It’s amazing to see the ministry accomplishments multiplied using this concept.

“Transformation, not Information” 

This relates to the quality of teaching – making sure our Bible lessons are not history lessons, etc. There must be deliberate and intentional application of the principles from the scriptures we are presenting.

“Sunday School is our Outreach Strategy” 

This points to our Sunday School enrollment philosophy – who can enroll in Sunday School?  Anyone, anywhere, at anytime!   You do not have to be a member of the church to be enrolled (but all church members are enrolled in SS). Enrollment growth is the truest indicator of any church growth taking place. And when new people are enrolled, they come under a class and a leadership team who begins taking care of them, etc.

Location and Service Times

Children's Building- children ages birth to 6th grade

Youth building- students ages 7th to 12th

Hangar- college age students

Adult building- all adult classes

All Bible Studies/Church Life Groups meet from 9 A.M. to 10:15 on Sunday mornings.

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