Amarillo Mission Trip

Sunday | Departure day

This morning we met at the church at 7:30, loaded everything up, and were on the road headed towards Amarillo by 8. We arrived at the church here in Amarillo around 4 and we settled in, while a few people went shopping for the week. At 6:30, the church hosted an event called SNAPP. People from the church and the community came to eat, fellowship, and worship. During the worship service we got to take part in a Karenni worship song. 

As we met the Pastor today he told us that there are 1,000 students in the elementary school and they speak 26 different languages. We are excited to get to do VBS with the Amarillo kids.

Please be praying for the children, their families, and our students as we proclaim Jesus' name to them. 

Monday | Day 1


Today we went to the Hope Welcome Center, which is a place for people who are visiting family in prison. While we were there, we cleaned both interior and exterior. This included cleaning bedrooms, restrooms, lobby area, mowing and trimming the yard area, and replacing a dead tree with a brand new one.
A group of 3 students and 3 adults stayed to dig holes and pour cement in preparation for anchoring benches and prepare crafts for VBS.

Afterwards we ate lunch and began setting up for our VBS with the neighborhood children. We had a wonderful first day meeting the kids and beginning new bonds. Jenna, D'Aurus, Natalie, Alyssa, and Judith taught three new songs, Natalie and Alyssa taught the kids about the creation story, and Breaunna led them in making a pvc pipe telescope.

To end our day we had dinner and then went to Bahama Buck's for shaved ice!!