Mike Hoffmeyer, Chairman – Mike and wife Debbie, joined in 1983 and are involved with the Singles SS class as a teacher, is a door usher and he is an active deacon. Mike is an architect.



Tracy Bridges – Tracy and husband Gerald joined DFBC in 2012.  She serves as church clerk, sings in the choir and is the leader of our Guest Services.  Her company’s name is Travel Agents of Duncanville.



Irene Cardoso – Irene and husband, Jessi, joined DFBC in 2015.  She serves on the Finance Committee and assists with children's choir and Vacation Bible School.  Irene is a secondary Social Studies teacher at Tyler Street Christian Academy in Dallas.



David Cook – David and wife, Nicole, joined DFBC in 2015.  David is our current Finance Committee chairman, First Baptist Foundation board member and teaches leadership development at DBU.



Debbie Easley – Debbie and her husband, Vince, have been members since 2005. Debbie has served as a children's Sunday school teacher, a Dave Ramsey Course leader and has worked with Terrific Tuesday children's program providing fun science lessons.  Debbie has taught elementary school for 25 years, primarily working in 5th grade science.


Daniel Hardy – Daniel and wife, Katie, became members as a couple in 2008.  Daniel serves in the Young Married SS class as a teacher and teaches a men’s discipleship class on Wednesday evenings.  He works at Guidestone


Scott McLeroy – Scott and wife, Lisa, have been members since 1981 and Scott serves as a deacon, the current Personnel committee chairman, sings in the choir, assists with Baptismal committee and is the New Members class teacher.  He works at Guidestone.



Cesar Segura – Cesar and wife Manuela have been active members in Primera for over two years.  He is a Men’s SS class teacher and also a Personnel committee member.  He is employed by the city of Desoto.



Tommy Sorrell –  Tommy and wife, Eileen, joined in 2013. Tommy is currently chairman of deacons, a door usher and the director of Adult 3 SS.  Tommy is a retired train engineer.