Welcome to my Trek Across America…

As a part of my 20th Anniversary as Pastor of Duncanville’s First Baptist the church offered me a gift making this long-time adventure dream of cycling across the country a reality. 20 extra days of vacation (4 weeks) was offered to go along with my regular vacation time which made “the ride” a possibility. Now, with over a year of daily planning, research and training, the “Trek” begins.

Beginning May 6 and ending on June 20, I will attempt this 46-day, 3021-mile, 8-state adventure. I’ll get to see, hear, and smell our good ol’ America from coast to coast. I’ll be following a well-established route call “the Southern Tier” of back roads and byways from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL.  I am so excited to experience nature and landscapes of all types. I’ll experience people and foods from a wide variety of cultures and do it all at a blazing 12 MPH. I am so looking forward to the solitude of the ride, a clearing and refreshing of the mind, and even the physical challenges.

Enjoy these regular updates and pictures. You can follow this same information by joining the Facebook group – Keith’s Trek Across America.