Rotation Visitation Program

So how does RVP work? We ask members for short-term commitments. Our Winter and Fall RVP terms are 12 weeks long and our Summer RVP term is 9 weeks long.  Members are asked to give one hour a month for three months within each session. After their 3 hours out are up, their commitment is fulfilled. We then start a new enlistment effort for the nextsession. There are three of these a year.

All administrative work is done for the members who serve. How does this help? It means the member, when his time to visit arrives, should be at the church by 6:25 PM. He will find his name on a chair, along with the name of his partner. There will be name tags for each. The newly formed team finds three visit assignments. Maps for each assignment are attached and marked. All brochures necessary are on the chairs. Flashlights are available when needed. In 10 minutes or less, he and his team member are out the door and going out to make a visit. Our RVP teams are asked to give one hour. So at 7:30 PM or earlier, they are finished and return.

We know this works and meets our members needs. How so? We've worked this outreach since 1997 and every year a large number of our adult members participate.  Now, RVP is not a "cure-all" for evangelism. There are others ways to do this, and we do those too here. But this is a steady, continuous effort that works in general.

Summer 2019 Visitation Schedule

June 10, 24;   july 8, 22;    august 5, 19

**You will choose three dates that work best for you.