Two Kinds of Worship


I am glad you have clicked on the link to learn more about our gathering on Palm Sunday just a few days away.

We are going to look at a specific instance of worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There was EXTRAVAGANT Worship and PRACTICAL Worship in this story.  I am praying that we might experience these two aspects of worship this Sunday.

I would ask that you bring your tithes and offerings to the service that day.  If you normally give during SS, just hold on to it for church. During the service I will explain what we are doing and why.

If you give online, bring something you may place in the offering.  It could be a note saying you give online or possibly a small offering in addition to what you normally give online.

I would ask that each of us be prepared to give unto the Lord in this specific time.


I look forward to seeing you this Lord's Day.


Pastor Keith