Having fun at Upward® practice!

Learn new stances, motions, jumps, cheers and pom routines while making new friends!

During your one hour practice each week, your coach will spend time teaching your squad the FUNdamentals of cheerleading. It is during practice that you and your new friends will grow together as a squad to cheer on the Upward® teams. 

Your Upward® uniforms will help your squad share even more team spirit with the crowds. You should receive all of your Upward® items including uniform, megaphone, poms and other gear at your first practice.  It is also during practice that your coach will spend some time sharing with you about what the Bible teaches. On top of all this, because you are an Upward® cheerleader, you will be able to log onto www.TeamUpward.com. This website has been specifically designed for all Upward® participants to learn even more about their sport, play interactive games and review the Bible verses shared with them each week.

Upward® practice promises to be a place where you will learn, cheer and have a lot of FUN!

Upward® game days- Let the cheering begin!

Time to take all that you have learned during your practices and put it to work as a squad! Game days normally occur on Saturdays and each exciting game should last an hour. Come dressed in your uniform and ready to cheer on the Upward® teams. Right after the game, let your fans cheer you on as your coach recognizes you with one of the following stars to place on your megaphone:

The blue star represents Effort
The gold star represents Spirit  
The gray star represents Cheers  
The red star represents Leadership  
The white star represents Christlikeness