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General Budget

The General Budget supports all general church activities. It includes: mission giving, (local community and denominational), Christian education for all ages, children and youth ministries, salary for all ministers, support staff, childcare, etc.), administration support (office equipment, paper, technical support, computer and internet provision), and property needs (utilities, insurances, maintenance, mortgage). 

Unified Mission Offering

The Unified Mission offering supports International Missions, North American Missions, and Texas Baptist Missions. These are primarily Baptist denomination administered. November and December of each year we focus on giving offerings to these ministries.

PIF - Debt Retirement

The Paid In Full (PIF) receives offerings for paying off the church mortgage.

ACTS 2:45 Benevolence

This is a designated fund set up to assist members with critical financial needs that demand quick attention. Ideally this fund grows by members contributing $1 a week. Uses in the past include mortgage/rent support; car repair needs; repairing a dangerous housing situation (plumbing, electrical, AC). Also medical needs can be met with this fund.

Pastor Mission Bucks Club

This is a designated fund set up to assist and/or sponsor mission opportunities through the year. It supports both individual needs as well as organizational needs. The pastors are asked to use their discretion in the application of these funds to each opportunity that comes. Past support usage includes sponsoring students on mission trips, Baptist Disaster Relief work, missionaries with special needs, etc. Ideally this fund grows by members contributing $1 a week.

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