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Messages for the Journey

Repetition and review are two great tools for absorbing new information and making it part of our lives.  For this purpose, we have made some of our past messages available here.  If you missed one, this is also a great way to catch up.

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Bible App Tutorial

The YouVersion Bible app is a well-known mobile application that now features events. In this video, Diego shows you how to download, install, and use this great feature, getting access to DFBC’s main events, Bible verses, sermon notes, online giving, our digital connect card, and a link to the Online Experience Platform. You’re gonna love it!


Our church library supports our church’s mission. It "encircles the ministries in our church and supports all with resources and talents." It is a storehouse of materials reinforcing the church's message and aids people who want to dig deeper. It also is a place where individuals and families can find entertainment that uplifts spirits and enlightens minds instead of assaulting their values. Books, videos, audio, periodicals and more make up the rich resources our congregation enjoys.

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